Alabama Salvage Yards Used Car Parts

Alabama Salvage Yards Used Car Parts

Gone are the Alabama salvage yards of yesterday, which most people referred to as places to dump whatever they did not want; today salvage yards are very well organize and have become professional businesses that serve their communities of mechanics, repair specialists, salvage auctioneers, industries and the average car owner with quality used auto parts.

There are many salvage yards throughout the good state of Alabama. Some are referred to as junk yards , wrecker services, scrapyards, or recycling services, but there seem to be a business for all their services – from recycling scrap metal to selling used car parts online and on site.

From Montgomery to mobile, from Birmingham to Huntsville salvage yards are on the rise, in part because of the credit crises many people can not afford to take new loans for cars in Alabama , and in part, because of the environmental movement that seem to be sweeping across the nation.

How to Get Quality Salvage Parts in Alabama

No longer are people using the yellow pages to locate salvage yards and then calling the owner or visiting the site to locate a part. Traditionally you will visit the salvage yard and the owner will direct you to the pile of cars so that you could locate the used part you needed. Now, an increasing number of used car part sales are being conducted online.

On the internet you can visit an Alabama salvage yard sites and and make advance search or query for salvage yards, the make and model and quality of parts they may have in inventory, the zip code, state, city, county and other options.

There are several ways to conduct a search. You can log on into a salvage yard database or you can used a used auto parts request form such as what is using.

The used auto parts request forms allow the customer to submit request for used auto parts via a parts locator network which sends out the request to hundreds of salvage yards, junk yards, wrecker services, recyclers and used parts specialist.

If one of these in the network has a part fitting the customer’s request, the customer is contacted and given directions as to how to make the purchase.

Parts are sometimes shipped via UPS or the post office directly to the customer’s doorstep. Some databases have over 100,000 components and customer’s are very likely to find the part they are searching for; from transmissions to brake pads to components of the body of vehicles, even special bolts, screws and clamps for classic and foreign automobiles

Salvage Yards in Alabama

Craig’s Auto & Recker Salvage Service
320 3rd Avenue Northwest
Aliceville, Alabama 35442

Gene’s Auto Salvage  
620 Reese Avenue,
Elba, Alabama 36323

Hancocks Auto Salvage
6993 County Road 38
Section, Alabama 35771

Jernigan’s Automotive & Salvage  
664 Aberfoil Road, Union Springs
Alabama 36089

Jerry’s Used Salvage Auto Parts   
2305 US Highway 78, Leeds
Alabama 35094

Truck Farm Salvage
12487 County Road 7
Troy, Alabama 36081

Vickers & Sons Auto Salvage  
321 Horseshoe Loop, Dothan
Alabama 36301